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Concealed Carry Gun Belts

Gun belts are one of the most overlooked and under used items when it comes to concealed carry. With out a very sturdy belt even the very best holster isn’t going to work as it’s designed to. My gun belts are made from 2 layers of thick leather that are bonded together flesh side to flesh side and stitched the entire length horizontally and the edges are burnished and polished to look like it’s a single layer. The buckle end is skived down to be thinner for less bulk when buckled. The stitching not only holds the layers together along with the glue it also prevents the belt from stretching. Having both sides smooth also makes it very easy to insert into your trousers. It is not stitched vertically because this acts as perforations that can tear out after hard use.

They are available in several widths and can be tapered at the buckle end to make it more comfortable and make it look just like any other belt from the front. The buckles are replaceable and removable by removing Chicago Screws that are far more secure than snaps. The belt keepers are very thick compared to other belts. Most belts that come from a store are simply not made for carrying a holster and they are not made to last. Most are made of “genuine leather” which means a whole bunch of scraps are ground up into a pulp and then molded back together like flake board. While my belts are more expensive up front they will last much longer than a store bought belt and be able to support the weight of a holstered weapon. The buckles are solid brass roller buckles in either antiqued brass or antiqued silver finish. Other buckles available upon request for an additional fee. If you have your own buckle it is best to send it to me but other arrangements can be made.

It is very important to measure your old belt correctly from the end of the buckle to the hole you most use when carrying your holster (see diagram below). Please do not go by pants size, I can not accept returns due to incorrectly measured belts. Email me if you have any questions how to do this.

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