Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions we get asked most often, if we didn’t answer your question feel free to contact us

Q: Can you make me a holster with a built in spare magazine holder.

A: At this time I’m not making anything like that because I don’t think it’s a good idea, it makes it nearly impossible to do a quick reload in almost every scenario. On top of that it is generally easier to conceal a smaller holster with a separate mag pouch on the opposite side.

Q: The color of my holster looks a little different than the photo?

A: Since leather is a natural product every piece takes dye differently, because of this it is very important if you want a matching set to order them together so they can be cut from the same side of leather and dyed from the same batch of dye. Leather will also darken some with age.

Q: My holster got wet, what should I do?

A: Just let it dry NATURALLY, do not force dry, you can place in front of a fan to quicken up the process but don’t use heat.

Q: I just received my holster and it is very tight.

A: This is normal, your holster will require a “break in” period before it can be used, you should do this at home with an UNLOADED gun. You can wear it around your house for a few days. To speed up the process put your gun in the bag it came in and insert that into the holster and let it sit for a few hours. It can be let in the bag overnight if need be. Do not put your holster into use until you are comfortable using it. If your holster is too loose quit using it right away and send it back to me, I’ll see if I can fix it.

Q: I just got my order and it isn’t right. (Okay this isn’t a FREQUENTLY asked question but it does happen)

A: Email me right away, I will do everything I can to correct the problem ASAP, I can usually have a replacement sent out in a few days.

Q: I ordered a holster a few weeks ago, can you give me a status update or ETA?

A: You will receive an email with a ship date within 48 business hours after placing your order (Tuesday – Saturday). If you do not receive that email from us, please contact us for your ship date.

Q: Will you make me a holster that could be switched from IWB to OWB or Pocket?

A: No, I’ve had a few requests for this and I looked into designing one but what I found was there was always a “trade off” somewhere. I always relate it to a multi-tool (leather man style), they do a lot of different things but they don’t do any of them well, it’s great in a pinch but the real tool always works better. I like to keep my products highly functional and attractive looking, I’m not ready to give up either of those things to be able to switch from IWB to Pocket or OWB.

Q: I can’t wait for my holster, is there any way to get it quicker?

A: Yes, I offer a rush service for a fee of 50.00, this is my “Overtime pay” I work late to complete these ones and they ship in about 5 days. This service isn’t always available and if we’re running late on current orders I don’t take rush orders until I’m caught up.

Q: I don’t wear a belt, which holster do you recommend?

A: The only holster we’d recommend without a belt would be a pocket holster. The foundation of every good holster is a good belt, no holster should be worn without a belt.